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Meet Vivian Gray

As a young, single mother, I joined the Army to create a better life for my daughter. Injuring my back, I left the Army to try to find another career that allowed me to flourish. For most of my life, I've worked in male-dominated industries or roles. I learned how to work hard, navigate the business landscape, and climb the corporate ladder from the bottom. I believed to achieve success, I had to sacrifice my personal wants and time with the people I loved. I thought I had to be hard, show no “weakness”, and protect myself regardless of the cost.

At 40 years old, I took a step back to evaluate who I was and found I didn't really know and what I did know I didn’t like. I was tired. I had lost connection to the people I loved. I had shielded my emotions for so long it was difficult to tap into them. My health was poor, and I didn’t know exactly how I got there.

I knew something needed to change. I began a journey to find balance in my life, to figure out how to find success and still thrive personally. I learned to embrace my softer side and gave myself permission to be vulnerable. As I learned the power of accessing my divine energies, I began to discover happiness in my life. Leveraging the tools of my energetic power allowed me to better use my mind, body, and spirit to build a world in which I could thrive. Finding this happiness was the catalyst for wanting to help others find a balanced approach to success in their lives.

Are you ready for transformation in your life? Are you in need of balance? Do you want success without sacrificing yourself? If the answer is yes, let me assist you to ascend into a higher, happier version of yourself.

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